Monday, February 13, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Flannel Pajama Pants

One of my goals in 2012 is to branch out into sewing simple clothes for myself and my boys.

I was able to squeeze in some sewing time last week at my friend Kate's house to make this pair of pajama pants!

Kate is an accomplished sewer, even though she probably wouldn't cop to it.  She makes clothes for her kids. Like so-meticulously-crafted-you'd-never-guess-they're-handmade outfits.   She's really talented! 

Kate was kind enough to walk me through the steps--particularly how to sew the crotch together, which I simply couldn't wrap my head around at first--and ignore my occasional whining.  :)

In the end, we had a great afternoon hanging out in her "fortress of sewitude" while the kids played, and I emerged with the basic knowledge to make pajama pants.

Happy Erin

And O-M-G are they like heaven to wear.  So soft. So comfy. A perfect fit. I don't want to put on real clothes in the mornings now because I could easily wear these pants all day and night long!

If you want to make your own pajama pants, visit this tutorial from DIY Fashion for some excellent diagrams on how to cut your fabric and piece it together. And if you're like me and need to actually see something being made to understand its construction, watch this YouTube video tutorial.

(Of course, it only occurred to me after taking up part of Kate's afternoon to check YouTube for pants-making video tutorials...story of how my brain works.)

Also, here's a tip (courtesy of Kate) for cleaning up hems and seams without having to double-over the fabric or using a serger: sew the seams/hems, then simply cut the excess fabric with pinking shears.  I did that to the waistband after sewing the casing for the elastic, the crotch seam, and the hems on the legs.  It really cleans up the pants on the inside and prevents the fabric from fraying excessively.

Sewing a tag onto the inside back of the waistband is also handy to know which way is front.  (That's another tip from Kate, by the way.)

Anyway, I love having a pair of flannel pants that fit so comfortably and aren't high-water sweatpants --which is what my 5'8" self has been wearing so far this winter! 

Plus, I have to say, I'm pretty stinking proud of myself for sewing an actual pair of pants. Shoot, if I can sew pants, there's nothing stopping me from a skirt! Or who knows what else? :P  And let me assure you, if I can sew a pair of PJs, you can do it, too.

Have a lovely week,

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  1. they are adorable! i love me some comfy flannel pj pants! my mom made a pair of camo ones a few years ago for my dad and they were way too small... so guess who got them and wears them all the time! ME! and sawyer loves that i have something camo! :)
    you are seriously adorable- so beautiful, erin!

  2. These are so cute, Erin! You did a great job! I have to get my sewing machine out and really push myself.


  3. Oh are just too wonderful!!!

    LOVE your new flannel pants...I live in mine when the weather is cold. I put on my my errands...come home and the first thing I do is STRIP!!! Off come the jeans and on goes my flannel pants...Heaven!

    Fun post!

    janet xox

  4. I am 5'8" also. I always buy mens sweat pants for the length and then they are big everywhere else. These pants are cute! You did a fine job on them. Enjoy!!

  5. Pretty pants on a pretty girl! Those look ssoooo cozy! Great work :) I plan to get more comfortable sewing in 2012. "plan."

  6. LOVE these, Erin!!!!!! You picked out the perfect fabric for a pair of comfy pants!!

  7. Your jammies are adorable! Followed you on the Linky!

  8. oh ma gahhh, shuddup.

    So, our heat is broken upstairs, so I have been freezing all weekend, and I want a pair for myself! I have two yards of cute bicycle flannel I might be putting to use, after your inspiration! After I do valentines. and sara's purse. and a new purse for me. then it will be spring for real, and I won't need them!

  9. I know what your family is getting for Christmas. Great blog. You are soooo talented

  10. Just adorable, and I love the print you chose. I used to make them all the time, thanks for the reminder. I will have to get back at it.

  11. Love these cute PJs!

  12. i love them! you did an excellent job! i really love the fabric too...that's the fabric you were trying to find more of at JoAnne's, right? i wish they had more, it's so pretty! Thank you, again for all the sewing tips and sources to help make them, but really, can you and/or Kate come over and help me?? ;)
    you look super cute in your jammie pants, btw!

    1. You make really wonderful pajama pants.It look so fabulous and colorful.I really like this pajama.This look really wonderful after wear it.

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  13. Adorable! I am impressed! Thanks for linking up to "Cowgirl Up!". Hope you'll be back next week too.
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  14. My home ec. class , when I was in school taught me how to make these jammies. That brings back so many memories! They are super cute too :)

  15. Good for you! I love the fabric you made. Now you'll have to sew yourself up some more. One for every day of the week. then you'll never have to wear "real" clothes ever again. LOL!

  16. You did a great job... I need to dust off my sewing machine too. Can't wait to see what you do next ":o)

  17. Those are so cute, you did a great job! I want to sew some stuff for myself too. I know what you mean about high-waters... my inseam is 36" and I'm 5'9" so you can see this would be a problem :(


  18. wow those look so comfy and cozy! I love the print you used. So far I've limited my sewing to non-wearables - purses, curtains, decor, etc. Something about clothing just scares me... I guess I just assume I'd never get it to fit right. great job!!

  19. Erin,

    Oh they are the perfect thing to wear when cuddled up in a comfy chair with a favorite book and cup of tea during these gray February days! How I admire anyone that sews. {My mother was an award winning seamstress. I am kicking myself for not paying attention!} Love the pattern.

    Your Friend,

  20. You look so cute in those homemade PJ pants. I have long legs, and everything ends up being highwaters on me too, so now you have some comfy pants that actually reach your feet! Good job!


  21. Love the pjs and the floors! And I totally understand about high waters. I have an amazing collection of "yoga pants" that did not start out as yoga pants.

  22. Those look so comfy! I've been dying to make a pair of fleece or flannel PJ bottoms! Yours turned out great!!

  23. They look so cute and comfy! I would wear them all day, but then they'd be covered in paint and that wouldn't be so good! Thanks so much for joining the party!


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