Saturday, October 10, 2015

Join Me at My New Blogging Home!

Hello, everyone!

Are you all well?  I really hope so!

So many things have changed since I last blogged with regularity here.  

I'm now a town-living lady.

Grey hair and crow's feet showed up unexpectedly and refuse to leave. (So rude!) 

My candle business has gone from a side gig to a legitimate enterprise

And my sweet little boy child will be NINE before the year is out. I can't even.

So while I tried very, very, very briefly, and clearly unsuccessfully, to resurrect this blog last year, I finally realized it's time to permanently close the chapter on Carolina Country Living.  

This blog reflects a certain time from my life that no longer exists.  And that's fine on many levels. 

Fortunately, there's also lots to look back on fondly from this blog by way of the friendships, connections, creativity and community that existed here.  In fact, I dearly miss all of those things.

So if anyone out there is still receiving these posts or following along, I invite you to join me in the next chapter of whatever this life holds!

I've just started blogging at


It'll be a smorgasbord of craftiness, creativity, reflections, recipes, decorating, comfort, crochet, musings, photos, inspiration and whatever else strikes my fancy.  It'll be my fun little online place and you're welcome to come visit, have a cuppa coffee or tea, and connect.

See you there!

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