Hey there!

I'm Erin and I live in the countryside of central North Carolina with my seven-year-old son, flock of chickens, and cat.

When I'm not working (as a communications specialist for a public library) and being a mom to my sweet boy, I enjoy going to yard sales, reading, watching movies, painting furniture, baking and cooking using nourishing ingredients and real food, fluffing my house, following horse racing, gardening, staying fit, crafting, and traveling when at all possible.

Carolina Country Living is the place where I've chronicled these interests since late 2010. After blogging happily for more than two years, life forced a blog break in 2013 but I'm slowly re-emerging from the unplanned hiatus.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll visit often! 

Take care,

P.S.--Just a quick disclosure. When I link to a company's Web site or to someone else's blog it's because I love their product or who they are and I simply want to share it with you. Carolina Country Living is a pastime for me and not a business, henceforth why there is no advertising.  Now, I do have an Etsy shop, which is linked on the sidebar, but otherwise, Carolina Country Living is my fun, creative space in blogland. 

Updated February 13, 2014