Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

Happy Fall, everyone!

Well, I'm finally getting back into blogging after an...ahem...extended summer hiatus.  And now that summer's officially over, I can't keep saying to myself that I'm on a summer blogging break, now can I? 

So, what have I been up to?

In early August, my friend Sheila and I took a trip to Los Angeles to visit another friend and enjoy the gorgeous SoCal weather!

The view from our beachfront condo in Marina del Rey...thanks, Diana!

Being huge horse racing fans, Sheila and I ventured south to Del Mar for an afternoon of racing. (And rued the Saturday morning traffic on the I-5!) This was my first time at that track and it was surprisingly packed. Apparently, there are a lot of horse racing fans in the San Diego area! We had a blast, made a little money betting and, most importantly, enjoyed the beauty of the horses.

While in California, I also had the great pleasure of meeting Ali of My Third True Love.  She bought some candles from the blog yard sale back in July and since I was traveling so close to where she lived, I offered to make a special in-person delivery.  (Read: total excuse to meet her because I love her blog and wanted to meet the talented lady behind it!)

Ali on the left, me on the right

What a sweetheart she is! We met up at Starbucks and she brought her two adorable and impeccably well-behaved kids, as well as her twin sister, Lisa. After exchanging emails the last few months, it was so fun to meet her and chat in person. She's funny, easy-going, stylish and incredibly friendly. I just wish we could have had more time to hang out, but perhaps another time when I go to California?  Right, Ali? :)

After returning from the California trip (and also serving jury duty for the first time ever), I went on a girls' weekend with my two college roommates in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia.

My gals, Linnet and Nora

The laid-back getaway was just what I needed after the go-go trip out west and the three of us spent most of the time time just talking and hanging out. We've known each other for exactly 20 years now, and no matter how far apart we live, or how long it is between visits, we always pick right up where we left off.

Since then, both of my parents celebrated birthdays, my son started preschool (this is the last year before he goes to kindergarten!) and we've been plain busy around here.

We finished our building, so now I have a proper workspace for painting projects. My husband wired the entire thing himself and it's such a blessing to have extra storage space, as well as a place to park our cars.

Here it is almost finished last month...I just realized I hadn't taken any pictures of it completely finished. But it now has windows and doors. And I promptly filled it with projects and materials! 

I've also been painting (my kitchen, loft, furniture, wood knick knacks, etc.) and sewing (mostly curtains and pillow covers) my booty off in the last month because...

Two very special visitors will be here in less than seven days!

Anyone recognize this lady?

Yes, that is the fabulous Fifi O'Neill, author of the best-selling Romantic Prairie Style and former editor-in-chief of Romantic Country magazine.  This is a story for another post, but Fifi and the uber-talented photographer Mark Lohman are coming to photograph my house this Friday for her next book, as well as a magazine!

Holy stress balls, Batman!

The house is almost ready...just a few more things left to do, but, man, will I be happy when Friday arrives. I cannot wait to meet Fifi and Mark, who by all accounts are wonderful human beings, and see them work their magic.

(If you want to see their collaboration in Romantic Prairie Style, check out this peek into the book here.)  

So, that's my life in a nutshell since my last post.

I will resume regular posting after Fifi and Mark's visit, and seeing as this season is my favorite time of year, I can't wait to dive into a few fall crafts and pull out my fall decorations.  Oh, and since I've done so many projects this summer, I have plenty of material for B&A posts, and maybe even a tutorial or two.  Stay tuned!

So, friends, what have you been up to these past few months?  :)



  1. Hi Erin!!!! Yay, welcome back to blogging friend! I was wondering when you would return. Sounds like you had a happy wrap up to your Summer and I am so excited that your beautiful home is going to be in a book!! WOWZA! Again, I seriously had so much fun meeting you and definitely hope we can hang out again the next time you make it out to Cali :)

  2. wow!! What amazing opportunities!!

  3. welcome back! that is so awesome about your house- how crazy cool!
    and i LOOOOOVE me some ali! i also got to meet her and hang out with her a couple weeks ago, and we had the best time! too bad our trips didn't coincide- next time! and yes, her kids and sister are awesome and adorable!

  4. Hello again! Seems you've been keeping yourself busy, busy, busy. Can't wait to see what you've been doing.

  5. congratulations, I'm looking forward this book!!!

    wellcome and a big hello from Madrid,

  6. Ok,... "Holy Stress Balls Batman"... now that is funny! I've never heard that saying before!
    I don't know how you did all that, and still got your house looking so gorgeous for Fifi and Mark's visit!



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