Friday, October 22, 2010


After much blog reading in the last few years, I've gone and done it: I clicked the 'Create A Blog' button in my usually-ignored-Blogger account.

I'm Erin, I live in a rural area of  central North Carolina and I'm an early 30s, stay-at-home mom to my little boy.  My husband and I built our log farmhouse three years ago and together we are do-it-yourselfers (most of the time!) who seek to live a relatively simple, frugal and self-sufficient life.  My interests are decidedly varied, but I'm a Cancer through-and-through, so many do relate to making a home. I also routinely revel in my good fortune of being able to live in a place where the spaces are open and the air is clean, and that's why I chose the blog moniker of Carolina Country Living. 

However, I also like: antiquing and going to auctions and yard sales, reading (from Willa Cather to Charlaine Harris to gossip blogs), movie-going, painting furniture, vintage home wares and linens, baking and cooking using nourishing ingredients and real food, collecting model horses and following real horse racing, the idea of being British or Canadian so I could spell certain words like color with a 'u,' keeping chickens, staying fit, crafting, being a political progressive in the South, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, the thrill of couponing, and traveling when at all possible. 

Sometimes I wish I could narrow down my interests a bit for the sake of having a more focused blog, but what's the fun in that? Viva randomness variety, I say!

Join me and my boys as I chronicle my life in the country!
Photo by Fields of View Photography

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