Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Decorations and Dead Man's Bones (it'll all make sense by the end of the post)

Just wanted to share a peek of my Halloween and fall decorations in anticipation of Halloween this weekend...

IKEA enamel pitchers filled with dried wheat flank a milk glass vase containing faux autumn foliage. Various kinds of acorns, deer antlers (my husband's contribution to the vignette), candles in leaf-shaped holders and a pair of pre-WWII ceramic turkeys sit atop a homemade burlap runner.
I love these little turkeys! I picked them at a second-hand store and the colors are so vibrant. Even though they're Thanksgiving decorations, I couldn't wait to put them out. :)
Just one more photo...can't help myself!
An adorable vintage repro garland of Halloween postcards.
The pumpkin heads just tickled me.
Dollar Store and Michael's finds on top of the living room armoire.
This is my table of el cheapo finds that I just love: an old enamel pitcher from the Liberty Antiques Festival wrapped in a bit of upholstery webbing, a yard sale lantern, a 100-year-old Farmers Almanac (I'm going to have to color copy pages out of this book; it's way too cool to tear apart, but the ads and pictures in here are priceless!), and another clearance item from Michael's.
Even the trusty pot-belly stove gets a little Halloween love. We'll have to crank her up soon, so the decorations won't stay much longer.
My mother-in-law made the grapevine wreath, oh, about 30 years ago. She gave it to me this year, then I prettied her up with Dollar Store ribbon and faux leaves.
A very quaint, country centerpiece on the dining room table: I cut a burlap runner, then placed the probably-from-Target napkin perpendicular over top of it. Had a matching napkin, so I tucked it in a basket with some ginormous pine cones my husband brought back from a hunting trip near the Outer Banks. He stuck the turkey feather in for good measure. (He secretly likes to decorate in his own masculine way!)
BOO!  Thanks for humoring me by coming along on my little tour!
And how's this for a random, Halloween-related Youtube video to end this post? This is the video for the song, "Name in Stone," by Dead Man's Bones. Dead Man's Bones is a musical duo, of which Canadian actor (and Oscar nomimee) Ryan Gosling is one half.  (By the way, if you've never seen his Lars and the Real Girl, go rent it! Like now. It's a totally bizarre premise that could have easily gone awry, but the film has such heart and sweetness to it. You won't be disappointed.)

I love the eerie feel of the video with its grainy footage. The song is infectiously catchy once it gets going; then throw in the kids dressed up in in their homemade Halloween costumes and the stroll through the cemetery with the choir...I know, it sounds too weird, but it makes me smile to watch it. Hope it does you, too. Plus, let's be honest, Ryan's not bad to look at! :)


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  1. I just love all the touches of Fall you have sprinkled around your lovely home!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Thank you for visiting, Anne! I derive *much* inspiration from your photos and writing at Fiona and Twig, so I'm honored you stopped by. :)


  3. Thank you for joining the party at Cottage and Vine. I love all of your fall touches Erin and your puppy dog is adorable.


  4. Thank for the little tour of your fall decor. Love it! Love the video, too...Ryan sure is easy on the eyes. I adore him!!! I agree, the grainy footage is so nostalgic and awesome. Thanks for stopping by & following my blog, sweetie!

  5. Beautiful! I love the enamel and milk glass...some of my favs! Also looks like you have a lovely home! Thanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Sat!! -shaunna :)


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