Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Wonderful Vintage Market Experience

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the first Sunday Vintage Market at Nest in Burlington, North Carolina.

Nest is one of my very favorite local shops and that's saying a lot because there are quite a few great, stylish stores within an hour of my house! Heather Mize is the proprietress and in Nest she's created a haven of shabby cottage, beach, farmhouse and French goodness for the home and garden.

Heather is not only a master of furniture transformation, taking otherwise unloved thrift-store and auction finds and giving them new lives, but she also has a well-developed eye for creating beautiful spaces and displays.  And to top it off, her prices are supremely affordable!

Earlier this year, she opened The Cottage at Nest, which is--as the name suggests--a cottage next to Nest where a few outside vendors offer delightful furniture and vintage finds!

Heather keeps a blog for Nest and The Cottage at Nest, and each week she posts new finds and treasures. Do visit it for a generous helping of eye candy! I always look forward to checking her blog Thursday night (the store is open Friday and Saturday) because that's when she posts the week's enticements new inventory.

Recently, Heather decided to start a once-a-month outside vintage market on Sunday afternoons with her vendors and a few friends to show her appreciation for her loyal and plentiful customers.

I was invited to sell my handmade soy candles and very happily accepted. (I started making soy candles for myself last year and Heather liked the idea of offering candles at the vintage market, so I made a batch and set up a table!)

The day couldn't have been more perfect with temperatures in the mid-70s, a sunny sky and a gentle breeze. Lots of folks came out and found plenty of bargains and unique furniture and accessories.

Can you tell what a great event and afternoon it was?!  Thank you, Heather, for allowing me to be a part of this fun and fabulous day!

The next Vintage Market will be on May 15th from 2-6 p.m. If you're local, please come by and visit at 1216 Maple Avenue!


I know this post sounds a bit like an infomercial for Nest, but let me assure you it's not. I just love this place so much and was thrilled to participate in the Vintage Market. If you ever get the chance to visit Nest, you'll understand my unbridled enthusiasm for it! :)


  1. This is overwhelming - so many beautiful things - It would be dangerous for me to be near!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Erin thank you so much for the beautiful photos and kind comments about the shop! We were so lucky to have you showcasing your lovely candles at our Market.

  3. So many beautiful things! I wish I could pop in and visit.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today. I love your "I Love Your Comments" cute, and isn't that true. Comments for us bloggers are like gifts!:)

  5. wow, what a cool little market! how fun to be able to be a part of it. i would love to come is only i was closer. i love soy candles!

  6. Erin, thanks for stopping by 'Just Dream Jelly Bean' and your sweet comment! Come back anytime!
    Wow, I loved your post (wish I could have been there)! In Hawaii, we don't get a lot of these types of events, so thanks so much for sharing! I smiled at every picture :)
    I'll be sure to follow your blog and looking forward to more posts like these...

  7. Well,
    you've peaked my interest - this looks so wonderful - my cousin lives in NC and we visit occasionally - I had wanted to drive to Fearrington last time - I see you're near Durham too so this might make a very marvelous visit!
    Hope you have a very blessed Easter,

  8. Erin, that is my kind of place to be. Can't imagine anything better. Love the vintage day bed, it's on my list of "wants". Charming Lemonade Stand too. Thanks so much for sharing and giving us the Grande Tour, xxx tami

  9. Now, well, that's just mean showing off all that vintage cuteness when I'm all the way in California!

  10. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun!


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