Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Garden Update

The square foot garden I planted in April through very early May is alive and kicking!

Granted, not everything has come up in every square: I planted an entire bed of corn (50 squares) and as you'll see below, maybe a third of that corn came up.  I'm thinking the free-range hens had something to do with that...

However, I'm quite pleased with the way things are coming along!  Here are a few photos I took the first of the month of the garden in progress.

One of the first beds planted and it's full of peas, green beans, squash, zucchini, watermelon and canteloupe plants.

Another of the early beds: tomatoes, that started as seedlings, are in the far-left row.  I originally had one plant per square foot, then realized the plants would be too crowded.  So, I transplanted half of them to another bed and left one empty square between each tomato plant.  They've grown significantly in 6 weeks time!  Also in this bed are some tomato plants grown from seed, as well as more squash and cucumbers.

The pilfered corn bed.   I really ought to plant more corn (I had put in two kernels per square) but I think it's probably too late.  Will know next year to put chicken wire up around this bed!

Happy green beans and peas in this bed

And look, actual pea pods!

This is one of the more recently planted beds.  As you can tell, I didn't mark off square foot blocks.  This is about 4' by 4' and in it is four bell pepper seedlings and four pickling cucumber plants. 

Though this doesn't pertain to the vegetable garden, we're also finally starting work on landscaping around the house, too!

Here are the beds marked and ready to be tilled and amended with a topsoil compost mix.  The beds will eventually be filled with a cottage garden of shrubbery, flowering bushes, and and flowering perennials and annuals.

The side of the house

Continuing around the wrap-around porch.  The beds have curvy perimeters and are meant to have a relaxed form.

And the mondo bed--it extends a good 12 feet from the house at the furthest point--which will help to disguise the heating and a/c unit at the side.  The two windows on the front of the house look into the master bedroom and the plan is to have a variety of flowering bushes here.

What's growing in your yard or garden right now?


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  1. WOW Erin!!! Everything looks so so pretty. Can't wait to see it as it grows :)

  2. It's always so nice to get the landscaping done around the house. Makes it all look complete. Yours should look very nice when it's all done and matures... FUN!

  3. I hurt my hands digging up a fence bed. Then read that it's best to not till or dig up dirt, but to layer newspaper and compost over an area and let it do the work naturally. Realized I was just killing the worms that aerate the soil by chopping into the soil. Of course, if you're ready to do it now, you probably don't want to play the waiting game. But I'm too bunged up to not do it that way. I'm going to layer over the soil with newspapers, quite a few layers, then wet it down, then add mulch and grass clippings, etc. until next spring. It's called "the lasagna method." They say if you wait awhile, the dirt is soft and ready to work. But I know how it is to want to just GET IT DONE! Patience is NOT my virtue.

  4. Your garden is looking great. Do lilacs grow where you are? That would be heavenly to plant outside your bedroom window, the smell would be wonderful. Can't wait to see it all planted:)

  5. I love to see how your garden is growing! Your landscaping will be beautiful... I feel like we are starting over this year as we had so much dirt work that needed to be done... now we are waiting for grass to come up in many bare places! One day... :-)

  6. Your vegetable garden is coming along nicely, despite the likely chicken helpers! And how exciting to be starting in on new flower beds--can't wait to see them.

  7. Your garden is looking great! It'll be pretty to see the flower beds too!


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