Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project Fodder (and a Kentucky Trip Wrap-Up)

Eek! Can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post. The trip to Kentucky was fabulous and I got back very, very late Monday night. Since then I haven’t been feeling particularly well and have had little energy to devote to anything but taking care of my son and sleeping.

This is probably because we (meaning me, and my friends Sheila and Diana) had a non-stop schedule for the five days I was in Kentucky. We visited several major farms in the Lexington area to see favorite stallions, attended the very posh Fasig-Tipton November sale (the average sales price for a horse at the sale was $314,000—the sales topper went for $2.3 million!), and also hit a wonderful charity event at Old Friends.  

And of course, there was the Breeders’ Cup on Friday and Saturday in Louisville. Sheila, Diana and I wore matching Zenyatta bobble-ear hats that Sheila designed, along with Zenyatta jerseys, for the Saturday races. The outfits garnered us tons of attention: we were interviewed by all of the local media outlets and by an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker who is working on a documentary about Zenyatta! Lots of fans asked to take pictures with us and we overheard many people refer to us as "the Zenyatta Girls." How funny is that?!  

Photo courtesy of the Louisville Courier-Journal. We're the gals with the ears! Sheila's on the far left, I'm in the middle and Diana is second from right. These other Zenyatta fans traveled from Atlanta and made their own rhinestone cowgirl hats to show their support for Zenyatta.

The marquee race of Saturday was one for the ages. Though Zenyatta lost by a short head in the Breeders’ Cup Classic to end her undefeated streak, she truly lost nothing in defeat and showed she was the best horse in the race after a troubled trip. If you haven't seen it, watch the race video to appreciate how much Zenyatta overcame to lose by only a few inches.

Okay, now that you’ve  stayed with me through nearly two posts' worth of horse racing babble, I’ll bring things back around to decorating and crafting. :)

Over the last few weeks I’ve hit up Goodwill with a modicum of success. There are two Goodwill stores in my immediate area and neither are particularly cheap places to shop. Who really wants to spend $1.99 on a plate? Really? That should be $.99--tops. Or better yet, $.25. Can't wait 'til yard sale season returns...

However, I did pick up these items:

I have great plans for all of these finds, thanks to the Internet inspirations of other talented and creative women whose blogs I enjoy.

First on tap are those wire baskets. They’re not the coveted locker baskets, but close enough that I will borrow an idea from Urban Farmgirl to make linen-look liners for them.  How cute is that ruffle?!  I love the touch of femininity it brings to an otherwise industrial item.

Next are the clipboards. I scored two and will be keeping an eye out for more to replicate the inspiration wall created at Ashley’s Thrifty Living. Since these clipboards have seen better days, I believe I will adorn them with a bit of spray paint and scrapbook paper or cloth to pretty them up. Thanks for the idea, Ashley!

Now, I admit I squealed when I found three coordinating glass canisters because I’ve been dying lately to do one of two things to glass: etch it or use chalkboard paint. The etching will have to wait because I've been totally inspired by Miss Mustard Seed, who enhanced a set of plain canisters by painting chalkboard labels on them. I’ve always liked labeled canisters, but these offer such flexibility and the opportunity for customization. Genius!

As for the laundry basket, I actually haven’t seen someone do the project I have in my head. Though it doesn't look terrible in the photo, this basket is Hideous. It will get a coat of paint, followed by a good distressing, and then I would like to paint a laundry-related word, or perhaps a French motif, on the side. However, I’m not sure how successful painting on a somewhat convex surface will go. Has anyone tried it before? If you have, please let me know how it went!

Well, these little projects will keep my busy, won't they?  Fortunately, they won't delay my next post, which will feature a total facelift of my desk. I've been making progress, albeit slowly--okay, more like at a snail's pace, to finish my office. It is the only truly feminine place in my entire house as 1) I've claimed it as my own and refuse to share it like I do the rest of the house with boys, and 2) every single piece of furniture in the room is painted...swoon! By finally finishing the desk, the room is technically complete. All I need to do now is accessorize and hang a few things. Who knows how long it will take me to complete the finishing touches, but give me through the weekend and I'll at least get that post up with before-and-after pics of my newly painted, curvaceous blue desk. Can't wait to share it with you!


  1. That's a lot of fab projects you've got coming up. I can't wait to see them.

    You must have creativity coming out of your ears!!!


  2. Hey you were in MY neck of the woods! I'm only about an hour away from Lexington . I actually grew up there, isn't it such a lovely place? I'm glad you had a good time!


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