Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spontaneous Crafting

Awhile back I saw this neato Christmas card hanger made by Gail at My Repurposed Life. I loved it instantly because it was made with upholstery webbing! However, after two unsuccessful visits to the local Dollar Trees to procure the curly ornament hooks Gail used to actually hold the cards, I figured it just wasn't in the cards (oooh, bad pun) this year.

Fast forward to today when I was decorating the house: I realized we no longer had a serviceable card holder and therefore nothing in which to display our first Christmas card of 2010.  Crud!

I looked around the house, pondering a solution, and then remembered I had a 50-pack of clothespins in the laundry room Hoosier cabinet. My brain shifted quickly into gear and I grabbed my stash of upholstery webbing, a wad of twine, the trusty glue gun and proceeded to do the following:

Cut a length of webbing to fit the area where the holder would go.

Hot glued a short piece of twine to the top of the strip to create the main hanger.

Ran a line of hot glue on the webbing and folded over the top edge 
to create a hem and hide the ugly twine ends.

Repeated the previous step at the bottom to neaten that edge.

Hung up the holder and attached my first Christmas 
card of the season with a clothespin!
My spontaneous craft-bustion!


  1. This is so cute! What on earth did we bloggers do without the burlap?

  2. Cute! So sorry they didn't have the curly ornament hangers, but I love how you improvised!
    thanks so much for linking up and linking back!

  3. Simple & lovely. I'm still old-fashioned & tape my cards to the doorway! Ha! I need this. And, who doesn't love a clothespin?


  4. Love your card holder - I did something very similar.

    Funny how we bloggers all think alike.
    PS - love your Christmas cabin, can I come over for a visit?


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