Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brown Transferware

Hey, just a quick note to tell you that Libby at An Eye For Detail is featuring my small collection of brown transferware in her weekly Fabulous Finds post.

Click on the photo below of my beloved Johnson Brothers turkey platter to see some of the other pieces of I've collected!

Thanks, Libby!



  1. SO pretty! I have always wanted a set of dishes specifically for Thanksgiving. But, my sister married a Jewish guy and so they get to host Thanksgiving at their house and we get Christmas at ours. Ah well, it's for the best, the hubby would not be thrilled with me buying a "special occasion" set of dishes. He's such a pooper!

  2. Your collection is so pretty! Where do you find the time to find them all?

  3. hi erin. your transferware brings back such lovely memories for me...a dear friend no longer with us had this pattern.

    sometimes stuff is not just stuff, ya know?




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