Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House Tour: The Master Bedroom

So, let's continue the house tour today with the master bedroom.  Seems only logical since we started off in the master bathroom last week!

This room, like several in the house, has two log walls and two walls covered in a combination of drywall and beadboard.  Maybe a little schizophrenic for decorating, but that's the nature of living in a log home. My spin on this is that there are lots of opportunities to contrast wood and painted surfaces and keep the house from being a sea of brown wood.

My favorite thing about the master bedroom is that it simply glows in the afternoon light. The warm tones from the walls and furniture are the essence of comfort and coziness to me. My husband is a big fan of oak furniture, and while I wouldn't mind more painted pieces myself, I've tried to balance the wood in here with light-colored linens by way of the slipcovered (in dropcloth) wing chair, linen-blend curtains, vintage hooked rugs, and the white duvet.

View of the master bedroom from the master bathroom - the wall color is Benjamin Moore's Camouflage and the beadboard and door trim are BM Linen White (a wonderful creamy white!)

After our original bed frame broke over the summer, my mom--a long-time collector of antiques and auction-goer--gave us this oak highback bed she picked up years ago.  I was inspired to outfit the bed with a white duvet and white and linen-colored pillow cases after seeing this serene photo in Enrica Stabile's Comfortable Country. The quilt at the foot of the bed came from a trip to the Liberty Antiques Festival back in April and was just the finishing touch I needed to complete the "comfortable country" feel for the bed.

I sleep on the left side of the bed, and my bedside table is a walnut table that once belonged to my maternal grandmother's parents.  A white-framed mirror hangs above and the vintage glass lamp adds lightness to the corner, both literally and texturally.

On the opposite side of the room, and to the left of the master bathroom entrance, sits my husband's dresser.  We picked this up at auction, as well as the mirrored dresser in the first photo.  You'd be surprised at how cheaply you can sometimes acquire durable, well-made solid oak furniture at auction.  Perhaps this is a bit influenced by living where we live (North Carolina is/was renowned for its furniture production) but we've had nothing but good luck finding late 19th-century and early 20th-century oak pieces for bargain prices.  And that's why my house has so much of it... :)

Above the dresser is a shelf we made over the summer based off of a tutorial that Robin of Happy at Home published in 2010. (P.S.--Robin's blog is a wonderful read if you're looking for vintage/farmhouse inspiration!)   We originally wanted to hang the shelf over the bed, but once we knew we'd be getting the highback, the shelf was hung over the dresser to fill that wall.  I still need to arrange a better vignette, but I did snap a photo of it featuring one of Cindy Austin's beautiful paintings lent to me for the photoshoot in September.

The last vignette for this room is found on top of the small, creamy white bookcase that sits between the two front windows.  It's a useful arrangement and it's where I keep my jewelry  A few necklaces hang from the mossy green picture holder, which I found at Kirkland's years ago, and now displays vintage postcards.  Other jewelry, which I honestly don't much wear any more since I no longer have a job that requires it, goes in the wood jewelry box and the art deco tin.  My favorite thing about this spot is the vintage floral patterned tea cup which says 'Mother' on it.  I mostly wear french hook earrings, so I hang them all along the edge of teacup.  It keeps the dangly ones from getting tangled up and it makes for a pretty display!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week.  Fall is here in full force and I'm loving it!

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  1. SO beautiful Erin! I could definitely get cozy with a good book in there :)

  2. Thanks for the tour. I feel for you in your decorating dilemma. I also live in a log home (all log wall no drywall) and fell it is very hard to decorate. I can only see a small portion of your curtain, but it looks like it may be hung with twine, or something similar. Very cute!! Do you find it is hard to photograph your home because of the warm tones the walls give off? I so enjoyed your space, have a great day:)

  3. How beautiful- I love the softness and comfort of the room and the antiques especially! I also was at the Liberty Antiques festival last month and found some awesome pieces!

  4. Oh's lovely..lovely..lovely!!!!

    Thanks for letting us peak into your private space.

    Janet xox

  5. I'm loving this home tour! Your bedroom is amazing. It looks so cozy and inviting. Your shelf looks wonderful and looks amazing over the dresser.

    Can't wait to see the next room!

  6. Erin, your bedroom looks BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the slipcovered chair in the corner. and... thanks for showing the painting, hmmm....i kinda like that one in there...


  7. What a beautiful way to use the bowl and the apples, Your home is gorgeous. Pretty to captures all the whimsey of bobbing for apples in a magical way.

  8. Your home is so gorgeous and cozy. Your master must be such a retreat at the end of the day.

  9. so cozy and full of vintage it!

  10. so so beautiful! I really love how it is so unique. You captured the feel of that picture and made all the different elements in the room feel like they belong together.
    ps I just saw Julia from the Cottage Co and she said your email wasn't working to give you the gift certificate info, can you email me again and I will send you her email so you can contact her instead?

  11. Your home is so lovely Erin! You have a knack for the little touches and I love the old quilt you put on the's perfect! xo wendy


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