Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Dollhouse for Abby

This past weekend was spent with Linnet and Nora, two of my oldest girlfriends (oldest as in we've known each other forever...not that we're old...yet!), in Tennessee.  Nora and I are both in NC, but Linnet lives with her husband and daughter in Nashville so we're lucky to see her a couple times a year.

We had a wonderful three days of lazing about, talking, going out to eat, getting pedicures, watching the entire first season of the very addictive Downton Abbey, and playing with Linnet's adorable daughter, Abby.

Abby turned two in November and I've been planning for awhile to make her a simple dollhouse. 

This CD holder from Michael's served as the perfect little house.

With an assortment of craft paint, fabric, and various miniature wood pieces, I made Abby a cottage with a vintage feel.

The exterior is Vintage White and the roof and trim are Barnwood - all colors by FolkArt

Upstairs is the bedroom with walls in Buttercream - Downstairs is the eat-in kitchen with walls in Seamist

The completed house with furniture and Abby Doll

The bedroom features curtains made of scraps of a Simply Shabby Chic sheet thrifted from a local Goodwill.  The same fabric faces the white bedside table, made of a 1" wood cube found in the woodworking section of Michael's. 

The bed was made by my dear friend Sara who crafts wooden playsets.  The bed was wrapped in a sweet floral fabric, topped with a scrap of vintage chenille for the bedspread, and completed with a pillow made from a bit of dotty Tanya Whelan fabric.  The rug is cut from Cath Kidston's Provence Rose fabric.

The pictures on the bedroom wall are one of my favorite details and are Cath Kidston's Provence Rose pattern.  I cut the paper from a CK notebook of stickers that I have and the circles were Mod Podged to painted wooden disks, then hot glued to the wall. 

Downstairs, the kitchen accessories were simple and equally fun to make.  The table is a wood disk glued to a wood spool and painted red. 

The fridge, stove and sink are all 1-1/2" wood blocks, hot glued together and painted accordingly.  The bit of fabric on the sink front is supposed to be a skirt. :)   The black details were drawn in with a permanent marker.

And here is the full kitchen.  The fabric found on the sink--a vintage rosebud pattern picked up at the Liberty Antiques Festival last year--was also used to create cafe curtains in the kitchen.  The gingham fabric, from JoAnn, serves as a rug.  The artwork is another bit of Cath Kidston paper Mod Podged to a wooden disk. 

The Abby Doll is a girl peg painted to resemble her namesake.  The dress is a floral fabric from Marie-Madeline Studio (a wonderful source for floral and vintage-inspired fabrics!) which was simply Mod Podged onto the peg doll and then coated with another layer of Mod Podge to seal it on.

All painted items were topcoated in Triple Thick, a glossy, acrylic paint-on sealer for extra durability.

Abby seemed quite taken with her dollhouse and I hope she has many, many happy hours playing with it! 


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  1. way too adorable, i love it! you are so very crafty!! i may have to try this for my 18 mo. old...but really it's would just be a tiny house for me decorate with mini Cath Kidston pretties ;)

  2. Oh my goodness Erin, that dollhouse is seriously ADORABLE!!! WOW - so so cute!!!

  3. Oh, and you are SO welcome for the bungint! Thank YOU for shopping in my shop :)

  4. Morning Erin,

    Well how adorable is this sweet doll townhouse!! Well done Erin and I am sure it will provide many hours of playtime and whimsy.

    Janet xox

  5. Love this little doll house. The use of blocks for the kitchen appliances is perfect, and what a nice paint job you did on them. I'll bet she's in love with her new house!

  6. oh my that is the CUTEST!!!! i just love love love it! right down to all the details- how sweet!

  7. This is amazing, Erin! I still haven't met Abby :), but she looks to be about the cutest little person ever. I'm glad you were able to make this for her. This brings back memories of a dollhouse someone made for my sisters and I when we were young...

  8. Erin: As though you don't have enough to do! This is fabulous and what a lucky little girl. Oh so very sweet!!!

  9. That brings back such fond memories Erin. I don't think there was much of a time in my childhood I didn't have a doll house. One for Barbie and one regular miniature. No wonder we all love to decorate so much! I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for the especially kind comment on my Reflections post. What kind words and so encouraging. I'm so honored that you read my blog, and thank you so much, hugs, from California, tami

  10. this is SO precious!
    I cat wait to do stuff like this with my little girl!! ::girly Squeal!::

    I JUST move to Western NC!! I am Absolutely in LOVE with it! The only thing is i dont have any friends Lol.. i do miss that.
    Thank you SO much for linking up!! Thrilled I found you :)


  11. These photos are so great at capturing your dollhouse's sweet decor. My girl is LOVING THIS and I know will bring many many more hours of joy. (As long as I can keep the dog away from it's tiny sweet parts because, as you know, he finds it deliciously pleasing too :/) Love and miss you and I'm so grateful for YOU!

  12. Oh my goodness, this is sooo sweet! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Sooo loving! Where did you get the dollhouse set. The one that I always find are too big. Thank you!


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