Sunday, January 29, 2012

House Tour: The Guest Room

Good evening, everyone!

I just finished watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey on PBS tonight...ah, SO GOOD. (Season One is available on Netflix and Season Two episodes are viewable on PBS's Web site.) I've been completely sucked in by this beautiful-looking and drama-filled series. I cannot recommend it enough!

Anyway, hope you've all been better than I was this past week. Monday night the flu descended on me and I spent the next 4 days in bed with chills, aches, and fever.


Needless to say, I haven't been up to much! I'd had high hopes of making a pair of flannel pajama bottoms but perhaps I can give them a go this week.

Anyway, when wondering what to blog about after a week of doing nearly nothing, I realized I never posted photos of our guest room for the house tour I kicked off in the fall.

So, let me get back into the blogging groove with a few shots of the guest room, which is furnished in a simple farmhouse style. 

So, have you been lucky enough to escape the flu, or other sick bugs so far this winter?



  1. What a beautiful room! Your guests are lucky to stay there :) Hope you feel better!

  2. Beautiful! I love the rustic simplicity of it.

  3. So sorry you were sick:( I love the guest room, it is just beautiful, I especially like the ladder and the wreath on the door. Very homey!!

  4. Oh Erin....this room is so delightful!!!!

    When can I come visit and be a 'guest'????

    Hope you feel better soon.

    janet xox

  5. Oh, I love this room and that wonderful bed.

  6. The room is very cozy and pretty! Wonderful for a guest room! I have Downton Abbey on DVR and will watch it sometime today. I love the show too!~Patti

  7. Love your guest room...very fresh and inviting! Downton Abbey is a favorite of ours, too. In a few days Amazon is releasing our season 2,can't wait.

  8. Oh cool Erin, i love the ladder over the bed! That's such a cute idea. Your whole house is as cozy as anything... still stalking Karan for some of your heavenly candles, the wintergreen was the best ever, but it is gone, i burned every last drop of it!


  9. erin, i love it! so warm and relaxing! i loooooove that settee! swoon! and let's not even talk about the dresser/mirror/cloche combo! ;)

  10. Gorgeous!!! I dream of having a guest room :)
    Sorry to hear you were sick but happy you are on the mend!

  11. what a lovely room! So glad to hear you're feeling better. I also am ADDICTED to Downton Abbey, haven't seen any of the second season yet. Hope to see you soon :)

  12. Stunning. I officially want to come stay. The farmhouse character oooozes. LOVELY!

  13. Sorry to here you haven't been feeling well. Hopefully you'll be back to your good old shelf soon.

    Your guest room is wonderful. A truly lovely space decorated so nicely. I love everything about it.

    BTW, I'm completely obesses with Downton Abbey. I've watched the first season at least three times and I'm now working on the second. I sure hope they make more epsoides this second season since I can't seem to get enough.

  14. I'm glad you're feeling better, Erin! What a gorgeous room! I love every detail! What type of fabric are your curtains? Did you make them or buy them? I love them and think I need some for my living room! :)

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  16. Your guest bedroom looks fantastic! I particularly like the small couch by the window. My mom and I are making a road trip to the Carolinas at the end of the month. Can we make a reservation? I have been meaning to watch Downtown Abbey. I hope they will have reruns.


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