Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Randomness

It's a chilly, dreary Saturday here, so let's lighten things up with some random but cheery photos.


First up is this vintage-style alarm clock, found on eBay late last year.

I had seen a very similar clock on the delightful blog, Tinkered Treasures, in a November 2010 post.  It was from a completely adorable line called Green Gate and was only available from a UK shop called Berry Red.  Needless to say that by the time I found out about it in 2011, it wasn't available.  Plus, it retailed for something like $30.  Which seemed a bit much for a bedside clock...but maybe I'm just cheap?

Tinkered Treasures

Anyway, I hopped on Etsy, then eBay, to see if I could find a reasonably priced vintage alarm clock. On eBay, I found a seller from Hong Kong who had a new clock that was very similar to the Green Gate clock.

Side-by-side, you can see these are pretty much the same clocks, just with different faces and hands. 

However, the eBay clock was a much more reasonable $13-- including postage all the way from Hong Kong.  Score!

This seller still has a few of these clocks, as well as some other vintages styles. Click here to view them.

I'll warn you, though, the double-hammer bell is REALLY loud.  There's no way you'll sleep through that alarm!


While we're on the topic of cute home goods, the Spring 2012 Cath Kidston line is now out!

Here are just a few of the many items that caught my eye...

Provence Rose Set of 3 Tin Canisters

After making candles this week, volunteering with my local Friends of the Library group, working on a little project I'll sneak peek below, and generally playing catch up from being sick last week, I haven't yet started making those flannel pajama bottoms I mentioned in January.  

However, this is the week and this is the fabric I'll be using:

 It's from JoAnn and the line is Cottage Gardens.  I happened to luck out and buy the last 4 yards on the bolt for just $4 a yard.  P.S.--If anyone has any yardage of Cotton Gardens (which came in both flannel and quilter's cotton and in a couple of different colorways), email me if you'd like to sell it.  I love this line so much and JoAnn no longer carries it. : (


To continue with what has turned out to be a very flower-heavy post, here's a peek at a project I'm working on.  I've begun contributing craft tutorials to a local magazine.  This project--which is still underway in the photo below--will appear in full in the March issue of Alamance Magazine for you local readers.

Fabrics, from top to bottom:
Old New 30s in Purple Rose by Lecien
Old New 30s in White Calico by Lecien
Delilah TW42 in Pink by Tanya Whelan/Free Spirit Fabrics


So, what have you been up to this weekend? 



  1. That is a very precious alarm clock, and the price was awesome! I love Cath Kidston, too, but sadly most of her things are not in my price range. I have her cupcake liners which I love so much I refuse to take them out of the box :) Love your blog, enjoyed reading some of your post and going now to read more. Stop by to visit me any time if you'd like. Hugs ~ Mary

  2. i think her stuff just makes people happy- really! :)

  3. Oh my, I'd love to have something from Greengate!

  4. PRETTY!!! I loooove those canisters and those mugs. Your clock is super cute too :) Congrats on the magazine gig :) Awesome!!!

  5. Morning Erin,

    It is Sunday morning and snowing here in Virginia.

    Beautiful little clock and I love Cath Kidston...she is my Google Chrome background wallpaper on my MacBookPro.
    Just a little crushing happening here with those towels and pretty mugs.

    I recognized the Tanya Whelan fabric right away..that wreath is going to be gorgeous. Congrats on being a creative cool is that!

    Have a lovely Sunday

    Janet xox

  6. Hi Erin! Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile :( I love all of the Cath Kidson stuff, I also have her as my google chrome background :) Super cute clock and congrats on the magazine project!!

  7. All different colors of fabrics are look so wonderful on different things.I really like this pictures.

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  8. Cool clock Erin, that was a great find! Is it battery operated or wind up? I have quite a thing for wind up clocks, i don't even know if anyone makes them anymore, but they WILL wake you up!, and i like things that work without electricity or anything but your own hand power! When the power grid goes, one would sure be able to wake up on time...! i could easily be one of those survivalist people who stores food and supplies and their own air supply and ammunition and water in a cave underground somewhere... plus i would have to have your good smelling candles in that cave! Now i'm wondering how i went from a cute clock, to talking about being a survivalist and living in a cave... i think this is a textbook example of Attention Deficit Disorder !


  9. I'd like a clock like that. How is the alarm? Loud? Oh well, who said you have to wind it up. Cute is cute!


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