Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Look at the Harmony Farm Candles Etsy Shop

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for your compliments and kind words from last week's post about my flannel pajama pants sewing endeavor.

I hope that post empowered some of you to dust off your sewing machines or at least consider trying your hand at sewing. It's a very gratifying feeling to start off with a piece of fabric and transform it into a beautiful, useful item. I have more sewing plans in the near future and am looking forward to sharing some fun projects with you!

So, the next part of this post is a kinda-sorta Etsy shop plug, so please bear with me. :)  Some of you newer readers may not be aware, but I have a small soy candle business--Harmony Farm Candles. Several local shops--Nest in Burlington, and Fetch Antiques & Interiors and Vintage Revival in Hillsborough--carry these handmade soy candles, which are made right in my kitchen.

Back in the fall, I took the business one step further and opened an Etsy shop. At the time, I made a simple shop banner in Picasa, but I'm no designer, that's for sure!  Now, I haven't done much to promote the shop since wholesale orders keep me steadily busy, but something exciting will be happening in relation to the shop in March.  For that reason, I wanted needed a new look for the Harmony Farm Candles Etsy shop.

 Here's what the old banner looked like:

It was fine enough, but I wanted a banner that invoked a more sophisticated, but vintagey vibe.  Plus, a lot of the candles I make are floral fragrances, and I wanted the banner to hint at that.

So, I engaged the services of Sarah Ohme of Ohmeohmy Design to create a banner and business card design.  Sarah was a complete sweetheart to work with, executed the design flawlessly, and whipped up the order in just a couple days.  She's a design goddess! 

With that build up, I'm going to be a total tease and not post the new banner here! Visit the Harmony Farm Candles Etsy shop to check it out and let me know what you think.

And to be a further tease, come back on Friday for an exciting giveaway!  It's not candle-related (I'll do one of those in March...stay tuned), but I guarantee you're going to love it!

Hope you're having a wonderful week,


  1. Hooray!!! It looks bEautiful! I am a serious fan of your candles :)

  2. heading over to Etsy to check it out...i am sure it will be gorgeous! i just realized that you have "noreplyblogger" set on your blog, so i think that may mean if you commented on my blog and i replied via email, you may not have gotten it...which is totally okay, just didn't want you to think i may not have responded back to you at any point. am i making sense?
    anyway...off to your shop now!

  3. I too am a candle pryomanic (if that is possible) Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Well, speaking of giveaways...

    I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a month-long Giveaway Jubilee beginning March 1st. I know you've hosted giveaways before and thought you might be interested. You can participate as a giver, a (hopefully) winner, or both! Just click on the button at the top right of my sidebar that says "Giveaway Jubilee" for more info.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,


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