Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Decorating Around the House

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We're headed out shortly to go trick-or-treating, but before November officially arrives, here are some shots of the fall decorating around the house this year.

 Pumpkins are stationed at the back and front steps.

Mums in a chalk-painted chair.

The grapevine wreath that always hangs on the front door is embellished with fauxliage. :)

The old church pew stationed by the front door.

A close-up of the chicken wire banner I made earlier this month.

Moving inside...

I adore this framed page from The Little House, one of my all-time favorite children's books.

Hoo-hoo is this?  It's a new little friend picked up for just a few bucks at Michael's!

A full view of the top of the television cabinet.

A paper bag haunted house sits on the dining room windowsill.

The dining room plate rack is looking festive!

Even the wood stove--which will be fired up in the next day or so because it's getting really chilly at night--gets a little fall love with a leaf garland.


  1. Everything looks beautiful!! ANd most if not all of it can transition into Fall/November decor because it isn't all halloweenie.
    Happy trick or treating :)

  2. I love all of the colorful fall leaves! The woodstove looks beautiful, but don't be too eager to use it. Here in Calgary it hasn't gotten above freezing in over a week now; Brrr!

  3. Everything looks wonderful, Erin! Super festive! I love all your cute mums and pumpkins, too!


  4. it all looks awesome! i have mums in a chair that is almost identical, except it's blue!

  5. Erin! The house looks so cute! I love your banner... and your little paper bag house, and the little picture from the book. The top of the TV cabinet looks so pretty too with the little "Harvest" card. I want a wood stove now... i miss having a real wood fire.


  6. Look how festive everything is... so pretty! Love how you styled the plate rack with the garland/bunting on it. The owl is a sweet addition too!! Hope you enjoyed Halloween, my friend :)

  7. Erin it all looks wonderful. Hope you had a great time trick-or-treating.

  8. Looks so festive! I love decorating for fall....enjoyed the tour of your pretty decor :)

  9. Everything looks so beautiful, Erin! I'd have to say that I think you make the cutest banners I've ever seen. :-) And that church pew is just awesome!


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