Monday, October 1, 2012

Anatomy of a Lovely Day


*Wake up at 6:30 a.m. perfectly rested and well after feeling on-the-verge-of-coming-down-with-something yesterday.  (Thank you, Benadryl.)

*Welcome the fact that it's a drizzly, chilly day and that the leaves are really starting to change color:  fall is truly here!

*Realize that my husband is off work, so there is no need for me to take Jacob to school.  #daddyduty

*With a cup of French vanilla coffee in hand, bid them farewell, then settle down on the couch and peruse Pinterest for awhile.

*Inspired by this lettered artwork by Mary Kate McDevitt, decide to try my hand at a fancy pants chalkboard design for the kitchen.  In honor of the first day of October... 

Perfect? No.  Love it all the same, though.

*Hang out at home with my husband and do a little crafting. Him: whittle a toy knife.  Me: make some fall buntings of burlap, paper, and chicken wire.

*Tidy the house and vacuum so the floor is clean underfoot.  (Clean house = happy momma!)

*Rock this tabata workout, along with the Monday series of these strength/cardio exercises, and feel both strong and pleasantly tired afterwards.

*Bake two loaves of pumpkin-chocolate chip bread.  Mmmmm...

*Make a paper bag haunted house with Jacob after homework is finished.

*Catch up on the season premieres of Once Upon A Time and Call the Midwife.

*Feel thankful for having an unexpectedly wonderful and ordinary day at home.


  1. sounds like a perfect day to me! love the new crafts!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day!! Makes me jealous - I'd love to be at home doing all of those domestic things.....Mind you I am enjoying singing songs about Turkeys with several classes of first and second graders in preparation for Canadian thanksgiving this weekend.... :)

  3. Dang Erin... that is a good day. Even made pumpkin chocolate chip bread! I'd say you got alot accomplished in one day, and still felt relaxed and enjoyed it all... i love days like that


  4. Those are the best kind of days! Your chalk art is amazing! Love ya girl:)

  5. This day does sound lovely :) Thanks for sharing it :)

  6. It sounds like a perfect day. Your post made me feel happy, too.

  7. Sounds like a very lovely day indeed!!! :) I think your chalkboard turned out great!! And, I love your fall decor. It's been on my to-do list for awhile to make one of those chicken wire buntings - seeing your photo just reminded me!!! Loved hearing about your day!

  8. That sounds like a really wonderful day. Days at home like that are my favorite. And I have to say that is the cutest bunting I have ever seen!

  9. Um, that chalkboard art is sooooo good! You got skills mamma!! What a pleasant little day you had :)
    PS- I had to refollow your blog, don't know why, but you got deleted from my reader :(


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