Friday, September 28, 2012

The Old Lucketts Store in Photos

If you ever find yourself in northern Virginia, the Old Lucketts Store, just outside of Leesburg, is an absolute must-visit.

The weekend that I met Janet of The Empty Nest in Warrenton, VA, I also visited Lucketts for the first time.  I already want to go back with a truck and trailer! :)

Lucketts is the home of Miss Mustard Seed and numerous other vendors, and it's filled to the brim with vintage furniture, upcycled pieces, all sorts of collectibles, garden decorations, unique smalls, metalwork, architectural salvage, and more.  The shop is magnificent in its variety and quality of offerings, and I'm envious of anyone who lives close enough to go to it on a regular basis.

Let's take a look around...

Even the front porch is overflowing with amazing finds like this zinc-topped drop leaf table.

I wish I'd taken more photos because the personalities and styles of the spaces varied so widely.   What you see below is just just a tiny fraction of what's at Lucketts.  Forgive me, please?  I was too busy ooohing and aaahing my way through three stories of retail heaven.

Get a load of the distressed painted floor and all those leaded glass windows!

The third-floor landing was one of my favorite spots in the store with all its natural light and those insanely comfortable (but pricy) grainsack wing chairs.

A miniature garden in a tray

The Lucketts groundhog mascot greets you at the checkout

Besides the shop itself, there are also multiple open-air outbuildings filled with even more goodies.

Loved these little sheds!

As tempted as I was by many of the beautiful items the Lucketts vendors offered, I practiced restraint and came home with two boxes of Miss Mustard Seed's new milk paint--in Linen and Kitchen Scale.  I've already painted an old wood frame in Linen and I'm deliriously in love with the way this paint crackles and flakes.  More on that later...

Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint booth

Hope you enjoyed this little peek of a gem of a store. My photos only scratch the surface!

If anyone else has blogged about Lucketts, could you leave a link in the comments?

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm sure if I lived near there this store would be my favorite. Looks like it's just my style. How wonderful for you to have such a great place to shop.

  2. Oh my goodness, how fun! I would love to shop there one day. Can't wait to see your paint projects... I so badly want to try some of her paint.

  3. GREAT shots! It was super crowded when I was there back in may so I couldn't really take in all the beauty that is there. Everything seemed pretty pricey, but tons of eye candy for sure!

  4. I want to go to Lucketts so bad!!! My husband is from PA so we go back to visit his family once or twice a year. Lucketts is only about two hours from his hometown, but we just haven't been able to make it there yet. Someday soon we'll make it happen!

  5. Oh my gosh, it's even more wonderful than i imagined. I have seen glimpse from Miss Mustard Seeds space, but had no idea how totally awesome the whole place is. I would die and go to heaven there. And, those sheds... i LOVE them!


  6. Oh Erin: aaahhhhh! I've wanted to go there for ages and now I simply MUST go. How to restrain yourself? Maybe if I go when it's cold and rainy, things won't look quite so tempting? hmmmm.

  7. Heaven. Those sheds! Want. The end.


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