Sunday, September 23, 2012

One of the great things about blogging... that sometimes you get to meet the real people--the creative, funny, inspirational, warm, kind, and lovely people--behind the blogs you read. 

The first instance of this for me was when I had the chance to meet the crafty and stylish Ali of My Third True Love for a cup of coffee last August while visiting California.

(Never mind that I went to the wrong Starbucks...Ali graciously packed her kids back up into the car and drove over to meet me.  Add understanding to the list of adjectives to describe Ali!)  The next time I'm back in SoCal, a stop to visit Ali is most certainly on the itinerary.


Another example of the connective nature of blogging? The amazing artist/funny-as-crap blogger Cindy Austin (of Cindy's Fractured Fairytale) and I live only 10 minutes apart.  Thanks to blogging we've gotten to know each other and enjoy chatting when we run into one another at the local shops we both frequent.  Since I shame on me don't have a photo of the two us, let me instead share a commissioned painting she recently completed.

It hangs in my bedroom...

and I truly swoon every time I look at the dreamy scene with the fluff-ball sheep...

and the SHEPHERD'S HUT. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see I have an entire board dedicated to this obsession with shepherd's huts.)


Over this summer, the blogging gods smiled upon another meeting:  Cindy of Cottage Instincts and Cindy (in the present tense) and I grabbed some dee-licious Ghirardelli ice cream at DisneyWorld when our families were both vacationing.

We chatted and laughed and I wished we could have had more time to visit because she's vivacity on a stick!


Last weekend, the chance to once more meet another favorite blogger in person came about when our family took an overnight trip to Washington D.C. and northern Virginia.

For the boys: the Bruce Springsteen concert on Friday night in D.C.

For me: trips on Saturday to Lucketts in Leesburg, VA and The Empty Nest in downtown Warrenton, VA, run by none other than Janet of The Empty Nest blog!

I've been following Janet long enough that I can't remember when I wasn't reading her blog.   She's a delightful lady, who's full of life, oozes creativity, and simply has a great sense of humor.

This chalkboard sentiment in her shop captures Janet well.

Not only is she a shop-keeper and furniture-painter, she's an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist who knows her way around a sewing machine, appreciates vintage items, and can be counted on to leave the best comments whenever I post music on this blog.  (I swear she and I are musical kindred spirits!)

So, it was a complete treat to meet her and visit The Empty Nest.  Here's a peek at her lovely shop!

And here we are chatting, completely oblivious to the fact my husband was taking our picture...

Now we're ready...smiles all around!


I was also hoping to catch Cassie of Primitive and Proper on this trip to the mid-Atlantic area, but it just wasn't meant to be. This time anyway.  There will be a next time, Cassie!

And I hate to even mention this for fear of jinxing things since we're still firming up plans, but I may get to hang out with another blog friend at next month's Country Living fair in Georgia. It'd be a fairytale-wish-come-true (wink, wink) to meet this talented lady in Atlanta after all the emails and blog comments we've swapped.

Have you met any of your blogging friends in "real life?"  


  1. I love the print, it would look great in my home too. LOL

  2. Blogging friends are real? They don't just live out in cyberspace somewhere? : ) All kidding aside, you look like you are having a wonderful time. I adore your sheep painting too ~ so very sweet!

  3. Hoooooray for Blog friends!!! I am SO happy to be on this list (at the top - woot woot). Looks like you have been a busy friend-meeter since we grabbed that coffee :) Bummer you couldn't meet Cassie this year. Hey - Cassie and I, and my sis, and a few others are planning to go to the Country Living fair in 2013. I know it's far away, but still. I'm already saving my $$. Wanna go too!? that would be awesome!!!!

  4. It is so heartwarming and fulfilling to meet up with fellow bloggers, Erin. :) And I'm over the moon jealous that you met Cindy from Cindy's Fractured Fairytale! I just "met" her via blogland and fell completely in love with her artwork! It's fabulous!!! I want to commission her to do a beach painting for me soon. The sheep paintings she did for you are incredibly beautiful. So soft and dreamy! I did meet Michelle from Emerald Cove Jewelry a couple years ago and now we're junking sisters every summer! She's like my long-lost little sister. ♥ We're meeting up with Michelle from [re]imagined Just For You at an antique market on Sunday. Can hardly wait to give her a hug in person!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Isn't it fun to meet bloggers?! I have met many that happened to live in places we have taken trips. It's as if we have been friends forever! I love your painting, I will have to check out that blog.

    Have a wonderful week!


  6. i wish we could have met up!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! darn hubby had to be away that weekend! :(
    looks like you have made some awesome friends and connections- i think that is the best!

  7. Such wonderful experiences for you. Thank you for sharing and introducing your friends.

  8. Ok, i've missed like 8,000 of your posts! I can't believe all this time i haven't added you to my main page sidebar, so i'm gonna take care of that right now, uhhhh, if i can figure out this freakin new blogger interface! I hate change so bad... Thanks for saying sweet things about your painting, and so cool to meet other blogger friends!! I love that pink cabinet with the Annie Sloan paint, and that adorable dress you have on! You look so pretty in that color!


  9. I meant to comment on this post when I read it the first time! I loved this post... friendships that come from blogging is definitely a benefit I never imagined. I've only met one blogger in real life but it was so much fun. And that painting is absolutely amazing... I LOVE it... sheep are my favorite. It looks like a dream hanging in your bedroom.

  10. CL Fair!!!! :) wink!
    Love Cindy's paintings and how we have similar-ish blog names! What a cute shop, Empy Nest is. Erin, you are adorable and tall!!!


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