Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who's Ready to Shop?

After the positive feedback from Tuesday's post, I've decided to go ahead and hold a virtual sale here on the blog starting at 2 p.m. EDT tomorrow, Friday the 29th. 

Sorry for the sort-of weird time, but I have errands to run part of the day, then dinner to go to in the evening, and I want to be home when the sale kicks off!

I've photographed all the goodies and just need to take some measurements so you'll have an idea of how big (or little) some of this stuff is.

The offerings will include:
-reproduction and vintage tins
-milk glass
-shabby painted wood items
-vintage wood hangers
-soy candles
-and more!

And prices will be good!  I want all this stuff to find new homes...

Well, I better call it a night, but I will leave you with this photo I took back in June, when we weren't roasting *and* boiling in all this summer heat, and I still had access to beautiful, unwithered hydrangeas. 

Aren't I nice to make this an online sale instead of an in-person one with the peak heat and humidity central North Carolina offers this time of year?  :)

Hope to "see" you tomorrow!


  1. How exciting! It's probably the middle of the night for us Brits? Hope it goes well.

  2. Hi Hen,

    I believe the sale would start at 7 p.m. your time; so not too late to join in if you wish! :)



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