Thursday, May 12, 2011

Five Years

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Today my husband and I are off in the mountains on a camping trip, celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. It honestly blows my mind that five years have passed since we were married at the beach in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Since then, we've had a baby (who's not a baby any more!), moved and built our house. I
quit working full-time in real estate and became a stay/work-at-home mom, a challenging personal transition. We've embarked on several homesteading projects. And more. It's been a stunningly fast and full five years to say the least.

As I think back to that day in 2006, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic about the wedding.  With so much that's happened since then, I'm reminded of all the forgotten details of the day as I look at these pictures.

all photos by Chris Bickford

Since it was before high season, my parents generously rented an AMAZING oceanfront beach house for our families and wedding party to stay in the week leading up to the wedding. We didn't take a honeymoon because we had a beach vacation before the wedding!

The ceremony took place on the beach in front of the house. The reception was then held in the top floor of the house to take advantage of the gorgeous ocean views.

I haven't worn it since May 12, 2006, but looking at this photo of my dress makes me want to slip it back on for funsies. 

My shoes were a favorite detail even though I was barefoot on the beach and my feet didn't last long in them at the reception!

I'd almost forgotten how delicious our cake was!  A local baker made it and those shells were all edible as they were molded chocolate.

The bridesmaids' dresses.

The wedding party.

My family and my husband's family.

Friends and family (blinded by the setting sun!)

Good eats at the reception.

Happy Anniversary, honey!

I'll be back next week with country wedding inspiration photos. After obsessing over watching The Royal Wedding a few weeks ago, and now reminiscing about my wedding, I've got weddings on the brain!  Though I loved my wedding, I do like to play the "If I Could Do It Over, What Kind of Wedding Would I Have?" game now and again. Being a country girl at heart, it would definitely be a country wedding. And boy is there a lot of country wedding eye candy out there! Can't wait to share what I found with you!

Enjoy your weekend,


  1. what a gorgeous bride you were, and what a beautiful wedding! congrats on surviving 5 years! we will hit 8 this fall. feels like 80, in a good way. ijust can't remember my life before my husband. :)

  2. It's all quite beautiful, especially you in your dress. My oldest daughter had a similar wedding in Mexico in 1999. We all got a vacation, and the photos were absolutely stunning there with the beach as a backdrop. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    If I could have a "do over" I would get married on the beach like you did!

  4. That cake is gorgeous! And love the shoes too!
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a beautiful wedding. My sister pointed me toward your blog and I've been looking at all your awesome photos tonight. I especially love the chicken post. Really cute blog!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I loved looking at your very pretty wedding photos, the photos are pretty, but I am actually referring to the wedding being pretty! It looks simplistic yet beautiful, understated yet lovely, intimate yet so very full!! You are pretty and and you have a handsome man, your families are all wonderful and happy, it is naturally seen in the photos! We are going on 26 years, and this is #2 for both of us. My first marriage was basically doomed from the start, but I gave it all I had, it lasted 5.5 years. Ron's first marriage started going south after only a year of marriage, but he stuck it out for almost 20 years.(yes he is 19 years older than I) He has a son, I have a daughter and we have a son and a daughter together.

    It is my hope that your marriage is as long as BOTH of Ron's put together--46 years!! LOL

    I am a new follower, since the CC blog hop and giveaways. This was an awesome post, and I think I am going to be very happy to be your follower and subscriber! (despite our age difference) LOL

    How old is your little one? Boy or girl? I love little ones, I so miss my children, and am having a hard time dealing with the "empty nest"
    I think it is worse since I am disabled now and stuck basically in the house 24/7.

    "Yours, mine and Our" family
    Ron's son...46
    My daughter...will be 29 in Sept.
    our son...turned 25 on 5/9
    our daughter...will be 24 on 7/6

    May you be blessed with more children, that are all healthy and joyful!!

    Enjoy your camping trip. (I love the mountians, prefer them to the shore actually, and we live at the shore LOL)

    Happy Anniversary again.

  7. Very nice setting for a wedding and lovely details. I had a double wedding with my sister 17 years ago. The priest messed up the names!!! Patsy from

  8. Happy (belated) anniversary! Beautiful pictures, of a very pretty bride! That one on the deck is gorgeous!
    The wedding looks perfect in every way. Five years goes by very quickly, doesn't it?


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