Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Liberty Antiques Festival in Photos

Sorry to be a day late in posting these photos! 

The weather has been just perfect these past couple of days so I've been outside more than I've been in,  planting  flowers, taking care of the pigs and chickens, picking strawberries, playing in the sunshine...ahhhhh. I love May in North Carolina!

Without further ado, a few more images from Liberty...enjoy!

J - our little shopper, ready to go!

Anybody venture a guess as to what this is?  It has to be one of the more interesting things we saw on Friday!

Take care,


  1. Even though I'm decluttering and getting rid of stuff, your photos makes my heart pitter patter with all the lovely "stuff" ;-)

  2. Oh my, wish I was there! We've been getting better weather here in Utah also, Getting ready to put my veggies in my brand new raised Garden Boxes!

  3. Oh, you lucky, lucky thing. I'm so envious. There's soooooo much stuff there that I would have bought!!! Perhaps it's a good thing that I couldn't be there!!!!



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