Saturday, May 28, 2011

I feel a crafting spree coming on

Back in December, I was a crafting fool.

I'd just started blogging and it was Christmas and so the situation was ripe for crafting.

But since then, I've mostly felt like painting furniture and attempting to decorate. (And watching all the How I Met Your Mother re-runs on Lifetime.)

I've made plenty of candles and a couple odds and ends, but on the whole, I just haven't felt the urge to really craft.

Oh, but how that's a-changin' soon, my friends!

I've run across tons of neat crafty projects lately that I'm dying to do.  They've completely reignited the crafting flame in me!

Do you have a crafting flame in you? :)

Even though I'm in the midst of repainting my bedroom, and there are multitudes of furniture projects still on my porch of shame (in my defense, I will say about half of its primed at this point, so headway is being made...slowly), I just really want to craft instead.

Anybody with me?  Sara?

First on the list--and something I can do as soon as the bedroom repaint is complete--is making this ladder shelf like Michael from Inspired By Charm did.

Inspired By Charm

There is a vintage 8-foot ladder that's been on my back porch since the fall that will be perfect for this. The beauty of this shelf, besides the ingenious use of the ladder, is the simplicity of it. All I have to do is attach a piece of wood to the top edge, have my husband hang it, and we'll be set. Project completed; one more piece of crap off my porch.

Another instant-gratification project is spray painting picture frames. I've had a pile of various frames on the floor in my bedroom for months now. They're ugly and need paint, but the lack of motivation has been a real stumbling block. Though I saw this photo last year at Vintage Revivals, I ran across it again recently and now I definitely want to prettify those frames and get them off the floor! I love how Mandi grouped the frames, the variety of colors and their yummy patinas.

Vintage Revivals

Mandi actually used mirrors for this project and treated them with acid to expose fabric lining the backs of the mirrora. I'm tempted to do this, but I better just take one step at a time and paint the frames first!

If you haven't visited That's My Letter, and you like to craft, please run, don't walk, to that blog now. I'm a new follower of Jaime's and her craft-making and furniture-building skills are wicked.  A recent project of hers that stole my heart and will promptly be copied is this patchwork wall art.

That's My Letter

See, I haven't hung more than three pictures in my house in the 3-1/2 years we've lived here. But this year will be the year my house finally gets the pictures and art it deserves. I'm already smitten with patchwork so I'm keeping an eye out for a drying rack at the thrift store or yard sales.  My version of this craft will be hanging somewhere in my house before 2011 is over!

Liz Marie Blog is another blog I only recently found and Liz Marie had two projects that sang to me. The first involved painting mason jars. I've painted Dollar Tree glass containers before, but it never occurred to me to paint any of my clear mason jars.  Apparently I don't think outside of the mason jar.

Liz Marie Blog

With the hydrangeas in bloom here now--and the fact I just picked up a wide-mouth Kerr jar for $.20 last Saturday--this will definitely be a nap-time project this week!

The second project is this chicken wire frame.

Liz Marie Blog

I can almost guarantee there is an old window somewhere in my dad's shop and I know we have a roll of chicken wire (probably on the porch...) All this project requires is a staple gun and you get more easy-peasy wall art.

Since I never actually print photos anymore, I may go this route with the chicken wire frame or just clip some of my vintage postcards and other ephemera to it.

Someday Crafts

Either way, the walls will receive further beautification!

I see a trend forming here as we move on to this next project.

Yep, something else that hangs on a wall!

In Color Order
I made an upholstering webbing wreath in December and it's *still* hanging on my back door nearly six months later.  Do you think it's time I pack it away? :) When I saw this wreath from In Color Order, I knew it'd been a perfect overdue summer replacement.  I probably won't go with such bright, primary fabrics, but this is another nap-time craft that's calling to me.

And last but not least, The Speckled Dog is another new-to-me blog that I'm really digging right now for crafting inspiration.  Kristie takes thrift store finds and transforms them with paint. Her good taste in colors compelled me to pick up a few paint samples she recommended at Home Depot yesterday.

The Speckled Dog

The Speckled Dog
And I had the good fortune of finding a cheese dome at Goodwill today! Perhaps by the time the holiday weekend is over, I will have my very own repainted cheese dome.

So, are you a crafter at heart?  What crafts have inspired you lately?



  1. Hi Erin,
    Now I'm inspired seeing all those new blogs and their decorating ideas! I'm painting my little galley kitchen a sunny yellow this weekend and spraying a few mirrors and frames...

  2. This post made me laugh! I have a barn ladder, picture frames, and old windows down in the basement just crying out for attention. And really...I do know what I want to do with them. I just need to get started!
    Have a pickin' cool weekend,

  3. AWESOME inspiration!!! I love all of those crafts you've shown (I'm currently typing this with spray painted finger tips. Workin' on a few projects of my own today. Happy crafting new friend!

  4. Wonderful craft ideas! the time to get to them. I worked so hard at getting my craft room all set up and I've had absolutely no time to do anything. Maybe in the Fall.....or Winter.......a girl can dream!


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