Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

The strawberries have been in since the end of April here in North Carolina. With the end of May upon us, we have about one more week of their juicy deliciousness before they're done for the season.

I've made several trips on my own to pick berries to put up whole in the freezer and to make jam.   

I would share my jam-making experience of last week, but it was a bit of a flop. We now have a year's supply of jam, but it's more of a jam sauce...very tasty but a bit runny!

Despite the runny jam, the experience of spending a cool spring morning in the strawberry patch is well worth it.

A few weeks back, the boys and I went down the road to McAdams Farm to pick strawberries to simply enjoy them fresh. 

Reach in there...
...the best berries are in the middle!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor.

A view of part of McAdams Farm from the berry patch.

Are strawberries in season where you live?


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  1. Strawberry picking sounds like so much fun and I am sure they taste delicious. I have never made jam before but may just give it a try! Your little guy is precious!

    BTW, we just came home from Asheville and loved North Carolina! :-)


  2. Your little guy has the right idea. The best berries are the ones in his mouth. :o)

  3. Are you kidding??? The bulbs are just barely blooming where I am! My apple blossoms opened this week and my daughter discovered how beautiful they smell. I have to keep her from picking them so that we'll get apples this fall! :7) We won't get strawberries until mid-June. If it doesn't warm up, though it might not be until July!

  4. Erin, what fun! And those berries look amazing. Here in California the stores often don't have healthy looking ones. We are able to buy from the stands though and get much better selection, but fresh from the farm, nothing beats it!

  5. I have used strawberry jam that didn't quite make it on ice cream and pancakes!

  6. Hey Erin,
    It will be berry season any day now here in Virginia. I just posted one of my favorite recipes using local berries.
    I'm sure your 'jam/sauce' is delicious.

    Enjoy your week,
    Janet xox

  7. I love strawberries and ate some on my cereal today! They are in season early here in Florida! Yours look so good...I think I'll go eat some more! ♥

  8. Oooh, it's been a while since I've been strawberry picking. I can feel the juice on my lips already. YUM!!!

    I have got strawberry plants in our garden - but I'm not....errrr....entirely reliable at remembering to net them - so the birds and/or slugs get them first. Grrr!


  9. No better dessert than a bowl of fresh picked strawberries! My mother has a photograph of me as a child when we went strawberry picking. I was three and my method was one for the basket, one for me. I look like I am wearing lip stick!

    Your Friend,


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