Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Giveaway!

Was hoping to post this giveaway yesterday but our day turned out to be non-stop busy.  And my little buddy had to get *four* shots at his kindergarten physical so he was in need of comforting yesterday evening.  My apologies for the delay!


It's my favorite month of the year!

Spring is here...

The strawberries are in season...

And sprouts are coming up in the garden...

To celebrate this beautiful time of year, the happy mood it puts me in, and all the exciting happenings going on here lately, a giveaway seemed in order!

All you have to do to enter is be a follower (via Linky Followers or Google Friend Connect on the right sidebar) or email subscriber via Feedburner, and leave a comment below sharing what you like best about this time of year. This giveaway is open to readers anywhere in the world!

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And now for the May Giveaway items...

A candle of your choice from Harmony Farm Candles

A copy of the premiere/summer issue of Romantic Prairie Style magazine

A trio of lavender-filled sachets handmade by me from happy, floral Japanese quilting cottons

The sachets are approximately 3-1/2" square

And this paper bunting (made during last week's crafting spree) featuring 9 pennants in cottage florals, tiny polka dots, strawberries, and stripes, strung on light blue and white baker's twine

Each pennant is approximately 3" across and they are spaced about 2" apart. The spacing can be adjusted and the length of baker's twine is more than 5 feet long.

The May Giveaway runs through May 31st and the winner will be announced June 1st! 

Happy May!

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  1. i like it all! i love the fresh foods, the warm rains, the flowers blooming, the smells.... i really just love it all!
    thank you so much for your email, too! i showed it to chris and he wants to wait until we don't have dogs, or at least charlie (who is turning 12 on saturday!) because he is afraid charlie would instinctively hurt them. jake i don't think would, and of course we would want to let the chickens roam in our back yard. but i definitely think the time will come, and i am so grateful to have you as a source of information!!

  2. Absolutely.... WITHOUT A DOUBT.... "Mama Redbird" and alllll her friends have NESTED.... and now.... the most beautiful songs are being sung right outside my front door!!! Mama and Papa Redbirds and their babies!!! Just beautiful!!! Makes me smile every time I hear them!!! And of course..... the butterflies have discovered the Blooming lantanas' !! YEP... Spring has Sprung!!! (already a follower... so excited about the give away) !! Thanks

  3. I am excited to plant a small garden this year.

  4. I love the birds! Our little Eastern kingbirds have left the nest, and the finch babies have hatched. My favorites, though, are the Carolina wrens. They wear feathers of brown, black, and ivory, but their songs are liquid sunshine. I wrote this poem several weeks ago to celebrate them:

    "The Fairy Wren Opera"

    On a grandly baroque limb,
    with decidedly wintry deadfall
    carpeting the ground below,

    single shafts of theatrical sun,
    long in the planning,
    hushed unseen audiences deep in the thicket,
    waiting for their souls to be rekindled
    by an opera of the finest sort.

    Reflective yet anxious,
    they waited,
    some leafing through the libretto of dawn

    (Ah! The magic of stagecraft!)

    in fluttery whispers, settling wings.

    Notes from Tosca, Tannhauser, and Hoffman were silenced
    as the wrens looked out at the waiting world
    and composed as they sang

    sweet golden yearnings
    and chatters of joy.

    (My work is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission.)

  5. You have lovely giveaway items that are the
    epitome of Spring! Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Cardinals,
    Robins, Jenny Wrens and Yellow Finches are just a few of
    my favorite birds/insects that I enjoy while sitting on my porch.
    I also really enjoy the warmer days and cool nights of the springtime...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  6. I just love open windows with a warm breeze and the sound of the leaves rustling on the branches...add blue sky, sunshine and a few songbirds and it's a perfect springtime day. ☼

  7. Oh my I love it all thank u for the giveaway

  8. Hi Erin!
    YOur poor little one to have so MANY shots at one time!!! Seems like too many..
    I LOVE sheets hanging on the clothes line, the smell of them at night. I love the croaking of the frogs that I hear out my window in the summer.Of course the flowers that bloom! There is SO much about spring that I love!
    Thank you for having this giveaway!

  9. The smell of "spring" in the air...especially after rain!
    the colors coming out here and there.
    Longer days!

    Sorry to hear your little guy had to have 4 shots!
    hugs to both of you!
    love n light,

    (follower and subscriber)

  10. I have been following you for weeks via google reader. I don't know if that counts! Your sprouts are lovely. Nothing as exciting as the beginning of a new life, even if it is the life of a bean!

  11. How do I love Spring.......let me count the ways! No way can I pick one thing. I love the fresh spring green grass and leaves on the trees, the lilacs, the peonies,and the clematis but I think my favorite of all is the singing birds and watching them steal the bits and pieces from my hanging basket liners....so sweet. I am following you and would love to be entered in your fabulous giveaway. Hope you can get by to mine. ~

  12. Thank you Erin for such a beautiful giveaway!!! I'm already a happy follower!

    There are so many things that I love about this time of year, but my favorites are rainy days, gorgeous new blooms on everything and being able to open all the windows in my house to fill it with the fresh spring breeze!!

  13. Just signed up to be an email follower. You have a great blog. I think I love the smells most this time of year. Especially after the stuffiness of winter.

  14. What a very lovely giveaway, thanks!! I'm already a subscriber and follower!

    I love when the cherry trees start to blossom, and everything begins to get green after such a long winter!!

  15. Im a follower, and also an email subscriber with my april_vereb1@ email!

  16. Wonderful giveaway! I'm a new follower. Count me in!!!


  17. Erin, This is a gorgeous giveaway! So happy to follow - I hope this blogwide giveaway grows each May! Just love the fabric in the lavender sachets and the candles - I could have candles and sachets in each room! I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day,

  18. I'm a HAPPY follower! I love Spring too! I love the sound of the breeze in the trees and the feeling of grass under my bare feet :)

  19. Oh Erin!!!!

    Please enter me.....I may be opening my very own shop soon and would proudly hang your lovely bunting..burn the aromatic candle (do you wholesale???) display the sachets and brag about my BFF in a real honest to goodness FABULOUS Magazine!!!!!

    Happy Mother's Day my friend

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  20. What a great giveaway... I'm happy to be a follower of your lovely blog.

    I love everything about this time of year, especially warm days spent outside, spring blossoms, and everything turning green!

  21. This is nice to have the good environs to grow such a things with the help of those you and your country get good possession

  22. Already following you, and now a linky follower! Great giveaway, count me in.☺ What I love about spring is the gentle weather mixed with the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. I love the sweet smells of cut grass, honeysuckle and Carolina jasmine, and the return of the birds and butterflies migrating through Texas.

  23. I'm so sorry about the shots. My granddaughter hates them, too. Well, who wouldn't? I love your giveaway and would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. THis is totally understandable, I always disliked when it was "shot" time for my children...What do I love about May? It is special to me because this is when my daughter was born, my parents got married, and a friend of all friends birthday came around... so when I think of "MAY" I think of "happiness". Your giveaway sounds delightful and thanks for offering this to all.. Have a wonderful "MAY" day... :) Connie

  25. Four shots, OUCH! :( Poor little guy!
    I love all the beautiful flowers! Ah, God didn't have to make them but He did, and they're gorgeous, a riot of color & scent!

  26. Hello from the Chicago suburbs! My favorite part of spring (in Illinois, anyway), is the return of "color" after a long, gray winter! I love the green grass, the leaves on the trees and, of course, the flowers!

  27. What a wonderful giveaway. I am a follower of yours by email.

  28. LuV it ALL! beautiful..
    Welcome Spring! Light, colour, freshness + refreshment!
    {and luved your home feature in FIFI's book !}

  29. What's not to like about May? It's finally getting warmer, can leave windows and doors open, paint your rooms, change out your bedding for summery colors. Every room can be springied up, I feel like I've been asleep all winter and am just now waking up to a bright green world. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!Put away all those winter clothes, wear pretty springy colors and fabrics, I feel like doing so much after winter. It takes awhile to get warmer here so we really enjoy the fresh air with doors and windows open. I changed curtains in every room. Makes me so happy.
    I"m a follower by email. Really enjoy your blog.

  30. I love May - it's not too hot and not too cold. I love hearing the birds chirp all day and the scent of freshly-mowed lawns.

    Your giveaway is lovely! I'd love to try one of your soy candles!

    I hope you'll drop in and visit me @ Knick of Time and share a link at the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Style Party going on now.

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  31. Following your blog! May is such a wonderful month- warm with sunshine, less rain than April, brighter colours!

  32. May- goodness it is almost over!!! I love spring and all it brings- warmth after the cold of winter especially! Gardening,getting my hands in that great pile of brown, going out each morning to see what has sprouted or bloomed, birds singing,bees buzzing....oh it is glorious!
    Newest follower via linky followers.

  33. I too love May but have not had as much time as I would like in the garden. Your giveaway is lovely, I follow your blog through GFC.

  34. There is nothing better than being able to leave your doors and windows open in the evening to let the cool air through...crickets singing & the sound of children playing out late because it gets darker later. Love it!

  35. May, the FAir month of May, it is special to me as it is the month of Blessed Mother, the mother of Jesus and tomorrow at Mass we will have the May crowning of Our Lady by one of the smallest little girl...she will have the honor to grace Her with a wreath of fresh flowers.

    I am a new follower and would be so graciously pleased to win the new magazine as I truly would love to see it as we do not have it in our area.

    My mother was a North Carolinian and my father a South Carolinian.

    Your giveaway is adorable. There is another blog I follow from time to time. It is a sweet young lady who has cancer but she has such a wonderful lookout on life. She is multi-talented and one of them is making quilts. Her mother sends her quilting fabric, etc. from Japan (she is from Japan and married to an American with an adorable daughter) and yours sachets which you mentioned was this type of cotton for quilting touched my heartstrings...because of the connection just mentioned.

    ~Sylvia Faye
    I do not have a blog and should I win I will send you my email address.

  36. Spring seems to be coming to an end as fast as winter did! But everything bloomed right on schedule, the lilacs and hydrangeas and my favorite, the butterfly bushes!

    What a wonderfully sweet giveaway...you have a big heart, Erin!


  37. This time of the year is like a breathe of fresh air after a long gloomy winter. My favorite part of the day is the early morning when the birds start to sing and the sun up comes up. It is a wonderful part of the day and makes me feel good all over.

  38. Love your blog and get great ideas from you. Keep up the wonderful blog.
    Nancy nancythedove@aol.com

  39. Follower on gfc (sheila z). What I look forward to (here in FL) is the afternoon sun showers. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!


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